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The Writer/director

Chris grew up in Sheffield in the UK surrounded by a wonderful mix of heavy industry and beautiful scenery. After finishing his 'A' levels in 1976 he went "walkabout" where he mixed 3 years of foreign travel with over 14 "horrible" temporary jobs deliberately chosen to give him a rounded experience in life. He returned back to the UK and went to study in London. From there he lived in Islington and Maidenhead for 8 years and Birmingham for 9. Then he went to see his sister in Chester for a New Year's Eve party over 2 decades ago and has stayed there ever since. He has two teenage sons, Tom and James.


Chris first began writing at an early age where a comprehensive school backdrop provided an interesting blend of playing football, avoiding fights and writing poetry. In 1998 he studied creative writing at Liverpool University and went on to run a writing group after that. When one of its members complained that he couldn't get his stage play produced, Chris formed his production company, Too Write Productions over a pint of lager and his vertical learning curve in the tortuous world of theatre production began. Seven plays and several books later, he continues to write original, story-based works with imagination at their heart. 

Outside writing he also enjoys most sports including karate and he's a qualified pilot. He also very much likes his "Busa" - the monster GSX 1300R Suzuki Hayabusa.

One of the scariest moments in his life: Getting lost in Manchester controlled airspace for over an hour in bad weather when the nav went west in the plane he was flying. 

One of the happiest moments in his life: (apart from seeing his sons being born): landing the same plane safely


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