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Too Write Productions present

180⁰ Chord 

A new play written and directed by Chris Leicester
Touring again in early 2024





                  The Reviews Hub

Audience feedback from Baron's Court, 20 - 24 February 2024
"Had the pleasure of seeing Paul Findlay and Vincent Fox @BaronsCourt_W14 in 180° Chord this evening & what a dark / intense / captivating / enthralling & excellently executed play with outstanding acting by both actors portraying the varies scenarios of their lives - 10/10 great script
Such an intimate location & literally one of the best performances (seen a few 😉) that we both thoroughly enjoyed & the way in which you executed the snippets past / present to tell the story was just engaging - brilliant ending tied in perfectly - very well done guyz "👍

“One of the most captivating things I have ever seen!”

“I would gladly go to see another play written and performed by this team”

“It was extremely gripping and powerful, full of emotion”

“Absolutely superb evening. Actors deserve accreditation, they were amazing!”

“Quirky theatre with a well written script which had brilliant and compelling performance from the two actors”

“The acting was superb. The lighting and sound effects made a tiny theatre feel massive. The story was very well written as was the script”

“I particularly liked the high quality acting, the gripping story”

“Great acting. I loved the way the story flipped between past and present so expertly”

“Highly recommended”

“Great play in an intimate and unique setting”

“Good acting. Thought provoking”

“I especially liked the story and acting”

“The actors were great! Tense and suspense!”

“Incredible acting, intense and gripping play, small, cosy and atmospheric theatre, super pub with great vibes”

“I liked the twist in the story”

“The two actors were brilliant”

Audience feedback from MAC, 17th February 2024

 "Thoroughly enjoyed it. Entertaining from start to end"
" We particularly enjoyed the storyline, the humour and
the acting"
"The acting was very well done"
"Good show"

Audience feedback from the Storyhouse, 9th & 10th February 2024

“It was fantastic, brilliant story and the 2 actors were tremendous”

“Very powerful and emotional play. The acting was very good”

“A well acted performance. Excellent story - great drama”

“Very good story, delivered by two fantastic actors”

“Amazing acting & emotions”

“Acting very good, we’ll produced”

“The actors were amazing. The scenery and props were minimal but the play didn’t need anything other than the actors, they were captivating”

            “We loved the intensity of the performance”

“Gripping acting”

“An overall very good show. Would recommend to anyone”

“Well done to the actors, great performances”

“I will be following these actors in future”

Audience feedback from Kings Arms 2nd February 2024

“It was a deep, emotional roller-coaster of a play, absolutely brilliant”

“Intense experience, with heartfelt themes”

“Excellent performances from the 2 actors”

“The play was good, we really enjoyed it, and the venue was cosy”

“We particularly liked the atmosphere with the emotions hanging in the air. The intimacy of the audience with the amazing performance of the actors”

“It really was a great evening in a quirky venue. Thoroughly enjoyed it”

“The acting was amazing, such talented performers. I really felt like I was there in the prison with them both”

“The script was interesting”

“Great night thanks”

“Interesting theme. Made you think”

Audience feedback from Old Joint Stock 10-12 November 2022

“Fantastic show storyline had great intensity brilliant story line and superb acting would highly recommend” – designmynight – 5 stars

“Fantastic, thought provoking. Excellent acting, absolutely brilliant”  – designmynight – 5 stars

“A fabulous play and so cleverly done. I would recommend it” – designmynight – 5 stars

“Some of the best fringe theatre I have ever seen, wouldn’t surprise me if we were to see these boys on the big screen / bigger theatre soon” – designmynight – 5 stars

 “Great show, amazing performance from the actors. Very well planned switch between scenes... left me and friends very emotional, highly recommend!” – designmynight – 5 stars

“Very good, gripping, acting impactful. Highly recommend! – designmynight – 5 stars

“Superb acting and very much enjoyed the play” – designmynight – 5 stars

“Well written and well acted. Well done” – designmynight – 5 stars

“Intense performance in a small, intimate space. Excellent acting and great script” – designmynight – 5 stars

"Great play”

“Play was really emotive and gritty. Highly recommend”

“The production was excellent: well acted and conveyed the tension of a prison riot with minimal props and sound effects. The play would translate to TV very well”

 “Well written storyline fantastic actors”

 “Such an authentic play”

 “The quality of the acting was top notch; script & story were well crafted, dark, disturbing & excellently observed, well played”

“It was fab!”

“Thank you. Amazing”

 “Very interesting, I’ve never been to anything like this before. Acting was great!”

“The flyer lead me to believe it would be more humorous when in fact is a dark & unsettling piece, played true. The humour is crafted in to the wile of the character but continues dark and adult. Dramatic? Absolutely! Credible characters? Definitely! Physical, clever & poignant”

“You were drawn into the stories which gripped you until the end”

 “Entertaining and interesting”

“Fantastic talented cast that brought this story alive in a truly real and authentic depiction of what can happen behind bars when the wrong turn of events gets one there !”

“Great acting, interesting play with twists and turns”

 “Excellent evening, very glad I went”

“Really lovely venue and well written and performed play”

 “I’ve never been to something like this before. It was really good and interesting"

 “I liked the quality of acting and the storyline”

“I enjoyed the small venue. The acting was excellent and an interesting plot"

Audience feedback from The Brindley show 21st October 2022

 "Great show!"

"Very gripping, intense play that has actors that give 100% in every aspect of their acting"

"Very well acted"

"Very thought-provoking. Actors were excellent"

"Very powerful acting. Good plot"

"The emotional and physical acting was amazing"

"Great venue and great acting"

"The acting was very gritty and up close and personal. It felt very personal in a smaller space"

"Very well acted"

Audience feedback from Square Chapel show 15th October 2022

 "Saw this play in Square Chapel, Halifax and honestly blew me away. Amazing acting and plot line, couldn't recommend anymore"

"Electrifying production, brilliant acting with a thought-provoking story"

"I thought the whole play was captivating. It told the stories so well"

“The acting was incredible"

"The production was electric, the actors were authentic and believable. It was very up close and personal and thought-provoking" 

"A gritty story, well written and brilliantly performed by all members of the cast. Hard hitting but very moving at the same time"

"Powerful, raw emotion. The actors were convincing and inhabited their characters. Very quickly you were drawn into their world!"

"The quality of the show was excellent"

"The acting was really moving"

"Very well acted thought-provoking play. The three main actors held my attention throughout"

"The acting was great"

Audience feedback from Waterside show 10th September 2022

"The actors were so talented and the play gripping"

"Very gritty and unusual story which was very well acted"

"Great story including flashbacks all within same time frame and props"

"Well written"

"I loved the acting ability. Two men on stage at any one time, intense situation, captivated the audience"

"Really tough play, sensitively done. Brilliant acting, all the characters drew you in, wanting to know their stories"

"The acting was really good, believable characters"

"Good storyline, very well acted. "

Audience feedback from premiere at Crescent Theatre, Birmingham 3rd September 2022
 “One of the best plays I have ever seen”

 “Incredible performance by both leads”

"Interesting storyline"

“Very clever and entertaining evening, well acted...”

 “Very thought provoking. Excellent acting by the two main characters”
“Excellent acting and story line. Intimate venue worked for the play well”
“Small cast, very well acted. Drama and tension within the play sustained throughout”

Reviews from the book published in 2021

"Liked every part of the novel"  -  Patricia Ramos - amazon - 5 stars
"Enthralling, gruesome, vicious writing but utterly addictive" - Alexandra Adams - Amazon - 5 stars
"It is pacy, original and highly enjoyable" - b. johnston - Netgalley - 4 stars
"Expertly  woven characters and plot!...Wonderfully written!... Highly recommended!"  Amanda C. Rosdendale - Amazon - 5 stars

Books and audiobook by Chris Leicester for sale here:


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